Attractions & Activities

Hard Times Mine
'Get up close' with Mount Isa's mining heritage with a Hard Times Mine Underground tour.

The Gallery
Mount Isa's only permanent Art Gallery

Isa Experience
Isa Experience is a multi-media gallery illustrating the prehistoric, indigenous, cultural and mining heritage of the Mount Isa region.

Outback Park
The Outback Park is an extensive creative landscape that captures visitors' attention and imagination, with a central lagoon surrounded by l...

Riversleigh Fossil Centre
Explore Australia's prehistoric past and learn about the amazing creatures that once roamed the rainforests of inland Queensland.

Things to do

City Lookout

Get a spectacular bird's eye view of Mount Isa from the city's Hilary Street lookout.The lookout with its global signpost, offers a 360-degree panorama of the city and mine area.
Visitors must make a second look at sunset or after dark for spectacular views of the Mount Isa mine at night.

School of the Air

Queensland's School of the Air was established in 1960 and is now based in Mount Isa. The School is one of seven in Queensland and provides education by qualified teachers for 280 students from pre-school to year 10, in an area that extends east from the Northern Territory border to Richmond and south from Burketown to Birdsville.

Tours through the School give visitors a behind the scenes appreciation of the organisation required to run a school without classrooms, where the teacher cannot see the students, nor the students see the teacher or each other.

Classes are conducted by radio in 30-minute sessions, and students proceed with independent study each day with assistance by a home supervisor, usually a parent or governess.

Underground Hospital

The first hospital in Mount Isa was a row of tents operated by the company from the earliest years of mining operations. Mount Isa Mines opened a 40 bed Community Hospital on the leases in 1929. Eventually another hospital was built on the Hospital reserve in town.

With the expanded hospital complex it was realised with two competing hospitals and funding for both that neither could be run efficiently and residents were encouraged to use the state run hospital. The mine hospital was effectively reduced to a casualty and first-aid station.

With the advent of World War II the impact on Australia was not great until the 1942 bombing of Darwin. The work on defending the top end of Australia caused the influx of thousands of American troops into Northwest Queensland from April 1942. With the bombing of the Darwin Hospital, precautions were taken to protect the Mount Isa district hospital in the event of an air raid.

Lake Moondarra

Lake Moondarra is situated just 20 kilometers north of the city centre of Mount Isa. Access to the lake is by a sealed road and offers a picturesque shoreline drive.

The lake is a popular place for locals and tourists to visit because of its spectacular scenery.

The lakes safe still water encourages swimming, boating, sailing and canoeing. It has also been stocked with barramundi to lure the anglers for an excellent spot of fishing. permits are not required to fish at Lake Moondarra, but catch limits do apply.

There are several scenic picnic areas located around the lake with large shady trees and these are some of the best places in Mount Isa to have barbeques. The Barbeques are free of charge and have a woodpile that is stocked regularly.

Lake Moondarra hosts an arry of bird life such as pelicans, cormorants, galahs and ducks, just to name a few, giving excellent photographic oppertunitys. Avid bird watchers can obtain a species list from Outback at Isa.